Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sticking to the plan

So, end of my first week of proper training for the marathon. Thought it might be useful to review what my schedule (courtesy of Women's Running magazine) says I should have been doing compared with what I actually achieved.

Monday: Core conditioning class, yoga or Pilates - I did a couple of planks in my bedroom.

Tuesday: Recovery run 30 minutes - Ran for 40 minutes at good steady pace.

Wednesday: Threshold run 2 x 10 mins effort with 2 mins recovery jog between efforts - Ran up and down my street quite fast a couple of times.

Thursday: 30 mins cross training or 30 mins recovery run + core conditioning - Did another couple of planks.

Friday: Rest - Did a 40-minute run, mainly steady, bit of sprinting.

Saturday: 4 x 5 mins continuous hill repetitions. 2 min jog recovery - Read paper, drank tea, watched telly.

Sunday: Long run 90 mins relaxed pace - Ran for 15 minutes, stopped at leisure centre to add name to waiting list for Power Pump (after being thwarted yesterday, I thought I'd try again). Then ran for another 56.51 minutes: up and down Primrose Hill, around Regent's Park and back to said leisure centre where I had as much success today as I did yesterday when it came to getting into the exercise class. Walked home thwarted again.

So, you see I've had a brilliant week and completely stuck to the marathon training schedule (if you squint your mind). It's this kind of dogged determination that is sure to see me fly round Brighton in April!

(Today's stats (for the main run): 6.1 miles; 56.51 minutes; 9.19 minute/mile - it appears I'm a lot quicker when running round Regent's Park. And I saw three giraffes.)

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