Saturday, 14 January 2012

Pride comes before a cold

Woke up this morning feeling like Munch's Scream. My face was sliding off and my head was banging. That scuppered my 9 am parkrun plans, but I was determined to make Power Pump at 11. Power Pump, despite its rather off-putting name, is a great exercise class for running. Its mix of strength, core work and cardio proves an excellent support to 'miles on your feet'. That's why, after poking down a cocktail of tea and Sudafed, I headed off to my local leisure centre for a good work-out. Unfortunately, it didn't quite work out like that. The class was full. Damn new year's resolutions. I asked if I could be added to the waiting list. "No, there are already nine people on the waiting list." I know when I'm beaten. So, instead of weight-lifting and squatting, I spent the morning in the cafe of the Hampstead Theatre, enjoying the sunshine, drinking yet more tea and reading the paper. A result, I think.

(Stats: Two cups of tea, one newspaper (Guardian), one magazine (Woman).)

(Pic: Soaking up the literary atmos at the Hampstead Theatre cafe.)

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