Monday, 16 January 2012

Exercise balls

I went to a core conditioning class today. One hour's fun with a Swiss exercise ball. My favourite bit was rolling about on it like a floundering whale. My least favourite bit was lying back on the floor with my legs above my head, the ball gripped between my feet. Unfortunately, it didn't stay gripped for long and I got a ball in the face. Thankfully that was near the end of the class so I could skulk out and nurse my sore nose in private. But on the whole, a successful start to the week. Core conditioning is not something I enjoy or am particularly good at, which means I should probably do more of it. Might give the ball in the face a miss next week though.


  1. Great writing ! Really funny :-)

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  3. Ha ha.. have accidentally deleted my own comment. Meant to say, very kind words, thank you.