Sunday, 22 January 2012

The friendliness of the long distance runner

Three raised eyebrows, two nods and a wave. There's nothing like acknowledgement from your fellow runners to feed your enthusiasm.

Today I met some very friendly people on a gentle potter to Hampstead and back. After the heady heights of yesterday's PB, I wanted to stretch my legs. And, more importantly, stretch out my left calf. It's just started playing up. I'm doing some post-run rollering to relieve the pain, but I intend to have a hot bath with epsom salts, too. I am very much not at home to Mr Calf-Strain.

Thinking about it, I may have been cursed by the man who came to fix the phone last Monday. He warned that if I had any injuries, my marathon training would ensure they'd be magnified tenfold. I grandly told him I was injury-free and planned to stay that way. Who's foolish now? Pride and falls etc....

Anyway, phone engineer warlocks aside, it's been another excellent week and this seems a good time for the Sunday review: what my marathon training schedule says I should be doing versus what I've actually done:

Monday: Core conditioning, yoga or Pilates - Hooray! I did an hour's Core Stability at the local leisure centre. Tick.

Tuesday: Recovery run 45 minutes - Didn't actually manage anything as I was really aching from all that core training on Monday.

Wednesday: 5 x 5 mis @ threshold off 2 min jog recovery - 10.2 mile long run. A threshold run in terms of distance, if not speed.

Thursday: 45 mins recovery run or cross training + core conditioning - Recovery sitting as I tried to get over yesterday's long run.

Friday: Rest - Rest day achieved. Tick.

Saturday: 2 x 10 mins continuous hill reps. 2 min jog recovery - 5k/3.1 mile parkrun. This included two longish hill climbs. And I got a PB. Did I mention that?

Sunday: Long run 105 mins - Having completed my long run on Wednesday, today I did a recovery run of 40 minutes.

Once again I've managed to stick to the week's marathon schedule like glue. Okay it might not all be in the right order, or the right thing, or have anything to do with the itinerary, but I've found a little imagination can take you a very long way. And I only need it to take me 26.2 miles.

(Stats for today's run: 4.34 miles; 43.09 minutes; 9.56 minute/mile.)

(Pic: Me and the roller in action.)

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