Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Conflict of interest

In the red corner: my newly arrived Finchley20 race number.

In the blue corner: a large bar of Dairy Milk.

I came home from work with the intention of changing and heading straight to the gym. That was half an hour ago and so far I've managed to 'indecide' myself into paralysis. Right, this isn't helping. I shall go to the gym in the morning and eat the chocolate tonight. Carb-loading. Excellent.


  1. My running stats today:

    25 minutes, 4km, 60 minutes of work avoided and 10 pints of beer sweated out. My longest run on a treadmill for a few years - soooo boring......I think I'll have a bar of diary milk next time.

  2. Nice stats, Porter! Keep up the good work.