Sunday, 12 February 2012

Back in business

10k. That's how far I ran tonight on the treadmill. Not the two-hour session, I'd aimed for, but not too bad. I managed a few sit-ups too. And a plank. I'm definitely enjoying the gym for the first time in years. Having a goal makes a huge difference. As does having a gym that I can get to just by rolling out of bed. I'm going to see how much it is to get a personal trainer for a couple of sessions. Maybe a few early in the morning. It would be nice to get my training done before work. Mind you, before seven they might need to bring some jump leads to get me started.

(Stats: 6.46 miles; 65 minutes; 10.01 minute/mile.)


  1. So how much was a personal trainer?

  2. Haven't got round to asking yet, I'm hoping to see if can sneak a bit of advice when I do my free induction.