Tuesday, 28 February 2012

80's day at the gym

This morning's work-out was a painful slog, mitigated only by a welcome change of jukebox: Walk like an Egyptian, Born to run, Walk of life.... Hmm... I've only just noticed the ambulant theme. I don't think it was deliberate? Not unless the gym group is spending our hard-earned membership on a 'dj'. Anyway, the music provided a much needed distraction from my heavy skin. I'm going to spend the next day being super-healthy to see if tomorrow is any better. Starting with a ban on pizza delivered on mopeds. At least if I have to collect it, I'll get some exercise.

(Stats: 24 minutes; 3.5k; 11.02 minute/mile: That said, it was on a 3% incline and I did 5 mins at 8kph/10 minutes at 10kph and spent the last 5 minutes incrementally increasing the speed to 12.5kph.)

And today's tune of choice:

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