Saturday, 10 December 2011

Sunny but cold. Very cold.

I'm so cold I want to climb in the airing cupboard. I've just been for a (relatively) early morning run and the beautiful white-blue sky was accompanied by sub-zero temperatures. My hands are like two frozen lumps of butter. I can barely type. For the first half of the run, I thought I had frostbite. I seem to remember Sir Ranulph Fiennes trying hacksaw off his own fingers because of that. I had my front door key on me, but I'm not convinced of its cutting capabilities.

The cold also makes my nose hurt. I breathe in and soon my sinuses feel like they're going to explode. It got so painful at one point I had to hold on to a lamppost. It attracted the attention of a passing traffic warden. I think he thought I was angry. Well I was quite angry about my painful nose. In the past, wearing earphones has helped so I may have to revert to running with my iPod. I must also buy something menthol to stick up there pre-run. I do hope Vicks Sinex isn't a banned substance. I wouldn't want my running to be overshadowed by a doping scandal.

(Stats: 4.08 miles; 39.18 minutes; 9.38 minute/mile.)

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