Thursday, 15 December 2011

I'm in love

With the HoMedics Shiatsu & Massaging cushion.

My flatmate has one and he's set it up in the kitchen. It's transformed everything.

Why sit on a chair and eat your dinner when you can sit on your chair, eat your dinner and get a massage at the same time? Unlikely to be good for the digestion but who cares?

Prior to this, I'd filed massage cushions alongside sandwich makers and foot spas, i.e. objects most likely to end up in the charity shop. What a fool!

This morning, after a quick four-mile jaunt, I returned and promptly placed myself in the hands of the cushion. It was lovely. And if you lean back, you do get a fairly vigorous assault.

Five minutes in, I had a brilliant idea.

I've slightly strained a muscle in my right buttock and I was sure a massage would help. The challenge was how to optimize contact between the massage rollers (which are on the back of the chair) and my bum.

I tried standing on one leg a la karate kid and hooking the other over the back of the chair, but I couldn't quite get my bottom low enough or the rollers high enough to connect.

Finally, after many contortions usually seen only in a circus, I managed to find the perfect position and spent a glorious five minutes having a good shiatsu.

Should you find yourself in a similar situation, I recommend touching your toes then 'backing up' towards the cushion. The remote control has a long lead so you can still easily operate the rollers. It also allows you to lean your bottom firmly against the chair, therefore maximizing the massage.

The only drawback is the blood does tend to rush to your head, which limits the amount of time you can spend down there. Also, if you do have a partner/flatmates, I recommend waiting till they're out before you try it. With this image in their minds, I fear they wouldn't be your partner/flatmates for much longer.

(Stats: 4.34 miles; 40.37 minutes; 9.21 minute/mile.)

(Pic: Lovely massage chair next to lovely wine rack. I look forward to combining the two.)

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