Sunday, 11 December 2011

The beauty of rain

The beauty of rain is it means I feel no compulsion at all to leave the house. I ran yesterday, therefore I can stay in my pyjamas today without guilt or regret.

It is also a good opportunity to do some marathon training research. Despite spending a lot of time reading about training schedules, I've not really been following one. I say not really. I mean, not. I've been told by my successful running friends that I need to have a plan. One that I stick to. Not just keep in a drawer.

To that end, I've just found this 16-week beginner's one on the Runner's World website. It seems pretty straightforward and, more importantly, is flexible enough for me to stand a chance of actually sticking to it.

Well the flexibility starts here. I'm changing Monday to Sunday so I can begin today. And, would you Adam and Eve it 'day one' is a rest day? That means by not getting out of bed, I have already commenced my new regime in earnest. Result.

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