Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Running toys

I consider yesterday's run the first of my marathon training. Not least because it was a Monday. And also because it was the inaugural run with my new Griffin Adidas MiCoach Armband. Having downloaded the Nike+ running app from iTunes, all I needed was something to secure my iPhone to my body. Salvation arrived yesterday with the postman.

I'm pleased to report that the armband stayed securely in place for the entire run. I'd heard rumours of inadequate versions slipping down your arm, especially with limbs as toned and slender as mine [*ahem*]. Something that I'm sure gets easier with time is trying to operate your iPhone through the protective plastic of the armband. I found you had to be quite vigorous with your touchscreen poking, and there was a modicum of pause workout/resume workout/pause/resume as I fumbled about trying to play music too. On the plus side, I love the chap who interrupts at each mile marker to give you a time, distance and average minute/mile report. On the downside, I spent much of the run trying not to catch the earphone lead with my left arm. To remedy this I've ordered a new pair of 'active' earphones with a longer lead. Marathon training, I've decided, is all about the gadgets.

(Stats (according to Nike+): 4.74 miles; 41.49 minutes; 8.49 minute/mile.)

(Pic: Running armour.)

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