Saturday, 26 November 2011

Born to lose but built to win

I don't know what that means.

It's written on the label inside my new hoodie. I suspect it's nonsense. But then, I have just learned the crushing news that I was way off a PB for today's parkrun.

It's not a surprise. My legs felt like dark matter and I frequently seemed to be running in slow motion. A lot of effort for very little reward. On the plus side, I did manage a sprint finish. And at least I didn't trip over a dog like the man behind me. I didn't see it, but it didn't sound too good for either man or dog.

Pottered over to the ladies' pond after for a quick dip and learned two new tricks: 1) Don't hang about on the ladder, just plough on in. What you lose in acclimatization, you gain in reduction of fear. 2) Stay in the pond until the pain subsides. It took about five minutes but, once I'd regained the sensation in my hands and feet, I had a very pleasant swim indeed.

(Stats: 5k/3.10 miles; 27.03 minutes; 8.43 minute/mile; pond temp: 9 degrees celsius.)

(Pic: The wisdom of the hoodie.)

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