Monday, 21 November 2011

The long run on a Monday

I've just run 8 miles. If I can always do my marathon training 'long run' on a Monday that should set me up for the rest of the week. I appreciate this plan is work permitting, but when I do have the time I think it's an excellent strategy. Especially if all the long runs go as well as today's.

After thinking about it for a mere three weeks, I ran down to Regent's Park. Even on the greyest of days it's a lovely place to run. Lots of flora and fauna, including two reindeers, two zebras and a giraffe having his breakfast. The occupants of London Zoo had best get used to my red face because they will be seeing a lot of it.

I also (almost) take back all the bad things I've said about Nike+. I gave it a third chance today. Preparation turned out to be key. First I checked that the 'Pause Workout' buttons were switched off, then I set the screen to 'Landscape' so it would be easier to read mid-run, then I removed 'Learn French the Easy Way' from my playlists. 'Good news grammar' would not be interrupting my running flow again. 30 minutes of fannying around later and I was ready to leave. But the fannying had paid off. Apart from when the GPS signal was lost and the encouraging voiceover started slurring, the Nike+ worked perfectly. Well, I say perfectly. I'm not entirely sure all of the statistics are accurate. I can well believe that, at my slowest, I was doing a 14'39" mile. But apparently, at my fastest, I was doing a mile in 6'02". Even downhill that seems rather fast. Hey ho, maybe I should be aiming for a sub-two-hour marathon after all?

(Stats: 8.89 miles; 1 hour 32 minutes 10 seconds; 10.22 minute/mile.)

(I downloaded The Very Best of the Chairmen of the Board for today's run. It's very good.)

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