Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Forgive me, Father...

It's been some time since my last confession, sorry, post, but that's not a reflection on the running. I've been averaging two outings a week. Four miles alone and just over six every Wednesday at running club. I'm supposed to be trying out track training again tonight, but two things are putting me off:

1) It's raining and I fear slipping over in full view of the stadium crowd. (I know, it's not Daegu, but you do get a few other runners watching. I prefer to make a tit of myself in private. Or not at all. Though that's rarely an option.)

2) My big toe hurts. I was a little overenthusiastic on the self-pedicure front and now it's throbbing in my sock. Who knew a little personal grooming would lead to yet another career-threatening injury.

That aside, I feel it's time for a challenge. I can't find any half-marathons at the end of November. However, my brother has mooted the idea of the HellRunner. Hmmmm... I can't say the name is filling me with joy, but I do need a goal. I shall spend today pondering the wisdom (or otherwise) of signing up for '10-12 miles of challenging off-road running'. Because the cross-country last year went so very well...

(Pic: Back to nature. If you find yourself in the Vendee region of France, I highly recommend a run around the beautiful Lac du Jaunay. I also highly recommend a waterproof tent.)

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