Wednesday, 3 August 2011

One foot in front of the other

After Tuesday exertions, I was under strict instructions to take it easy at running club last night. I took this advice extremely seriously. And took it very easy indeed. So easy, in fact, that a group doing the same distance as me - who set off 10 minutes later - finished before me. Hey ho, I was shattered and just turning up felt like an achievement. Even if I did sleepwalk round. As a result, I can't remember much about the run. Just that it was very very very hot. Though I did notice a young man go to the aid of an older one who was trying to fix a puncture. Good life-affirming stuff. And a relief I didn't have to help. I don't know one end of a tyre from the other. Does a tyre have ends?

(Estimated stats: 4.6 miles; 50 minutes; 10.52 minute/mile.)

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