Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Miracles do happen

The sun is out. The sky is blue. And I finally made it to Tuesday night track training.

After the 'light' hills workout on Saturday, I felt a bit more prepared for the high intensity madness to come. After a warm-up that would pass for a whole exercise class, we had to choose from two speed-work sessions. Unfortunately, sitting down watching other people was not an option.

First off, 1200 metres. Running around a track brought my school days flooding back. I would occasionally run the 800 metres at interschool sports day. For the whole week leading up to it, I would be paralysed with fear. 'Track-fright' thwarted my burgeoning Olympic career (probably?!) and facing my nemesis 22 years on was a bit odd. What was also weird was finding that my legs wanted to run faster than the strength in them would allow. So when we got to the 150 metre sprints, part of me felt I had the momentum and will to go faster, but my wobbly lower limbs felt they would give way if I did. I kept having visions of finishing the last 50 metres on my face.

Thinking about it, 400 metres was my most successful distance. And that's only because I improved each time I did it. In fact, by the third 'go' I managed to knock 20 seconds off my original time. This was quite heartening, though did wipe me out for much of the rest of the session. Must remember not to peak too early next time.

I will definitely be back. There's something cathartic about pushing myself to see what I can achieve. Something I rarely, if ever, do. And I figure, if I can continue to knock 20 seconds off my 400 time each week, then I should be knocking on the door of a world record by September. Which will be nice.

(Stats: Not sure of my 1200 or 150 time, but my 400 metres: 1.52; 1.46; 1.32 (minutes, not hours.))

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