Tuesday, 13 September 2011


This evening's run was distinctly average. It was born of guilt and procrastination. I'd planned to go to track training, but my friend (and fellow track trainee) couldn't make it. Rather than crack on alone, I leapt at the opportunity not to go. Some days you feel it. Some days (today) you really don't.

Instead I headed out on my usual jaunt to Hampstead. It was a very beautiful evening, if not a little gusty. I think we've got the tail-end of Hurricane Katia. (Just to clarify, she is no longer a hurricane, but a low-pressure system according to the BBC.) Either way, she was still very strong. Great when behind me. Less great when sand-blasting grit into my retinas.

As a result, I ended up walking the last mile. I just didn't have the energy or will to fight. A bit feeble, but better to be feeble and out on my feet than feeble and at home on my arse, I think. I hope.

(Stats:4.4 miles; 44.25 minutes; 10.05 minute/mile. (Partly wind-assisted/partly wind-hindered (windered?))

(Pic: Kite-flying on the heath. Good to see someone enjoying the breeze. (By the way, the kite's on the far right of the image. And this was the best shot of 5. Poxy slow iPhone camera.))

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