Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the track training session before anybody spotted her.

So, last night I spent 30 minutes travelling to a stadium in north-west London for my very first proper coaching session. From what I can gather, the hour's coaching would involve several runs around the track, interspersed with resting and stretching. Interval training, I guess. And it came highly recommended if I wanted to increase my fitness and speed.

As I walked up to the sports field, I was reminded of my first cross-country event last October. 'How hard can it be to run 6 km?' Those were the innocent thoughts going through my head, before I quickly discovered exactly how hard it can be: uphill, downhill, in mud and against people who can do all this and still achieve a 6 minute mile. Me and my body were in shock. I even considered throwing myself in a ditch. Not good times.

This memory loomed large as I regarded the track and the array of athletes, who all looked considerably fitter than me.

So I ran away.

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