Saturday, 9 April 2011

Cherry blossom contact lenses

It's a hot, hot day. And my legs still feel like they're reluctant to leave too much distance between my feet and the ground. But for all that, it was a very enjoyable run. Time wasn't brilliant (4.18 miles/41 minutes (9.49 minute/mile)), but that does include a 4-minute break while I extricated a piece of cherry blossom from my eyeball.

Notes for next time: must buy a proper running armband for my iPod. I've been making do by attaching the iPod to the top of my leggings. It just ends up creeping round the waist band, resting around my bottom and dragging my leggings down at the back to reveal too much information for anybody behind me. Also could do with some proper sports earphones.

Running with music, I've discovered, can be quite a contentious matter. MP3 players are disallowed on my club runs (understandably, as it's not sociable and English Athletics' rules don't allow the use of electronic equipment). I completely appreciate that, but I also know that being given an iPod 7 years ago was the catalyst that I needed to take up running.

Afraid I don't yet have the mental stamina to run all the time 'au naturel', though maybe listening to that new song 11 times in succession was a bit ill advised. I don't think I ever need hear Lead the Way by Carlos Jean ever again.

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