Tuesday, 5 April 2011

A gentle jog in the right direction

That gentle jog I mentioned yesterday. Well, I thought about it for 24 hours and I've just been. 3.34 miles in 33.37 minutes. (9.58 minute/mile). Not speedy, but effective. I stopped off to buy some contact lens solution and milk, which necessitated the wearing of a running rucksack (an Osprey Raptor 6). Once I'd tucked in the many, many, many straps and tightened the various belts to suffocation levels, I found it very good. It didn't wriggle about or rub - even when filled with my shopping and Heat magazine. Delighted to report the run has also alleviated some of the painting-related aching that had afflicted my lower limbs and forearms. Running club tomorrow night. Interesting to see if I manage to get round without turning magenta this week.

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