Monday, 25 April 2011

A break from the old routine

Much like the rest of London, I fled my home this weekend. Off to a friend's house in the countryside. An excellent opportunity to run somewhere new, away from the busy roads of the city. Heading out yesterday morning, I didn't intend to run far. My sense of direction is appalling and I feared being lost in the maze of local villages, never to be seen again. Fortunately, my hostess's instructions were very good (turn right, run forward, turn around, run back) and I was soon wallowing in 17th century cob-walled cottages and dandelions. Not sure whether it was the last minute coffee or the fresh air, but running was lovely and even hills (proper hills, not slight gradients) were easy. I kept running until I realized I'd been gone for half an hour and decided I'd better turn around and retrace my steps. I'd say it was the first time ever that at no point did I feel out of breath or achy. I'd eaten an awful lot of bbq food the night before, so perhaps the sheer volume of protein in my body needed working off. Whatever it was, I am hoping it happens again. (Stats: 5.3 miles; 50 minutes; 9.26 minute/mile.)

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