Saturday, 23 January 2016

Suddenly and unexpectedly...

...I'm running the London marathon. Completely forgot I'd signed onto a waiting list for a charity entry. Got an email on Thursday saying someone had dropped out, did I want the place? Had small panic then said yes. Gift horses and mouths and all that...

I'm feeling reasonably fit at the moment. Haven't fallen over for at least six months. And already have a couple of races in the diary so hopefully training shouldn't be a problem. I'm also lucky enough to have a good few friends and a big mouth so hopefully fundraising should go okay too. I went for Age UK because, among other things, they run an excellent initiative called Men in Sheds that I think is really lovely. If I can raise a few pounds for them and get to run the marathon then why not?

So, today's parkrun was officially the start of my training. As was the quick dip in Hampstead ladies' pond - one a physical challenge, the other mental. The pond was three degrees. I only managed to get up to my waist on the ladder. I'm planning to go all the way tomorrow. Exciting times!

Stats: 3.1 miles; 28.50; 9.18 minute/mile.

Pics: The beautiful heath; advertising coldness; the ladder of success

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