Sunday, 24 January 2016

Test driving my new off-roaders

Yesterday I took delivery of a fabulous new pair of Innov8s. They're multi-terrain trainers and, with a 10-mile fell run next week, I wanted to see how grippy they are.

So, I took them for a canter to Regent's Park and Primrose Hill this morning. They fared very well in the mud and I feel confident they will glue me to Dartmoor for next Saturday's wild night run.

However, I fear they were less well suited to Finchley Road and the four or five miles I did on London's pavements.

It was fine while running but I've just got out of the shower and now my right foot is throbbing and I can hardly move.

Reminds me of the time I decided to walk home from Soho in my bare feet (just before the Brighton marathon). They actually felt okay while walking. It was when I got home and sat down that they started to glow like hot coals. They were sore for days!

Anyway, I've been foam rollering my newly tender foot and am hoping it'll ease up in a minute. Plan to drag it to the pub for a roast dinner and see if that helps. It'll help my tum, if nothing else.

On the plus side, I managed just under two hours of running and felt okay (foot aside). This bodes well.

Stats (according to Strava): 10.5 miles; 1.48.42; 10.21 minute/mile

Pic: New shoes that are not new anymore.

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