Sunday, 31 January 2016

Meanwhile, somewhere on Dartmoor...

I need never visit a hammam again because my orifices are full of mud.

Last night's Wild Night Run was brilliant. The weather was kind and temperature, perfect. Though weeks of rain had left the moor resembling slush puppy. As another runner said, it was a lot like bog snorkelling.

I didn't mind. It was a good excuse to walk (or wade) these bits. Mindful of avoiding incident, I walked when the terrain turned tricky - on the steep downhills, steep uphills and uneven flat bits. I basically went for a walk on Dartmoor.

Which is probably why I enjoyed it so much. There were a couple of times I felt rough (around mile 3 - nausea; around mile 8 - legs like lead). I think the sickness might have been a result of the large fried breakfast I'd had that morning. Possibly not the best option. And lead legs a sign I need to get stronger. Back to the gym.

Not sure of time yet. I was surprised and delighted to cross the finish line and hear: 1 30. A full thirty minutes quicker than last year! But to be fair, I did run the last mile last year with a broken ankle. The surprise and delight lasted until my nephew highlighted I was actually about ten minutes slower than last year (when I had a broken ankle). I then realised my race number was 130. Ah...

So, great race, lovely atmosphere, highly recommended. Time tbc...

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