Saturday, 8 June 2013

There's a new marshal in town

Some people run really fast. I marshalled at today's Hampstead Heath parkrun and some people were actually sprinting all the way round. I was at the halfway point, tasked with telling the runners their split times. When the first guy arrived, I thought my stopwatch had broken. He was so quick. I think he must've been doing a 5-minute mile. And these are amateurs. As a rule, I don't get to see the faster runners up close. It was inspiring. As were the runners who followed: children, people pushing prams, lots of dogs. I usually cry when I watch races, but I didn't today as it might have impaired my ability to clock watch and shout. I do hope I did a good job.

(Pic: After the race I went for a swim in the mixed pond. It was 17 degrees Celsius and it took a good hour for the feeling to return to my feet. I think I've gone soft.)

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