Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Three's a charm

Hooray. My enthusiasm for running seems to have returned.

Since last week's less than successful parkrun, I've been out for three gentle, yet effective, four-milers. Two in Devon while staying with my parents and one this morning around the streets of Hampstead.

The first two runs were lovely because there was no one about - the last run was lovely because there were loads of people about. After a few quiet days in the countryside, I really appreciate the buzz of the city. I think I just needed to regroup.

On the downside, I have already sacked off the Ealing half-marathon - it's this weekend and I wasn't looking forward to dragging myself around. On the upside, I have agreed to look after my 8-year-old nephew instead. In retrospect, I'm not sure this will prove the easier option.

(Stats: 4.34 miles; 44.52; 10.20 minute/mile. No wonder I enjoyed it, I was walking.)

(Pic: Beer, a beautiful little fishing village only 40 minutes' drive from Exeter. Can't believe I haven't been there before now. Nice cafe on the beach called Ducky's - I highly recommend the all-day breakfast and crab sandwiches.)

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