Monday, 10 September 2012

The summer of loving sport

I get it. I get why some female tennis players make such a racket when they play.

Running up Finchley Road this evening, it was all I could do to put one foot in front of the other. My usual tactic, singing, didn't wing me on my way. It was also visibly 'not enjoyed' by my fellow pavement-users. So I resorted to exhaling noisily instead. And it worked.

I can only assume the action encourages a deeper inhale/exhale because by replicating the exact sound of a fornicating hedgehog, I discovered a sack of extra puff. In fact, it gave me enough of a boost to sprint for the final five minutes. I think I ran faster than Usain Bolt. Possibly. Which meant, by the time I arrived home, the vociferous wheezing was involuntary. I was also nursing the reddest face in history. I've showered, had tea and been sat down for over two and a half hours and my visage is still puce. Less than three weeks till the Ealing half-marathon and I've run no more than five miles since July. This could prove a very noisy run.

(Stats: 4.34 miles; approximately 40 minutes; 9.12 minute/mile.)

(Pic 1: Gold-winning, record-breaking runner Oscar Pistorius (the guy in the white t-shirt), being interviewed on stage in Trafalgar Square. Yes, not the best shot but I was stood on a wall, holding an iPhone with one hand and trying not to fall off with the other. Pic 2: Packing up the Olympics - very sad. This lorry was taking away the barriers that had lined the roads for the wheelchair marathon. The summer of sport has come to an end. Let's hope I can do my bit to extend it with the Ealing half.)

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