Thursday, 9 August 2012

Olympic fortnight

Training for the Ealing half isn't going as well as I'd hoped - in the sense that I haven't done any. With the Olympics on, it's much easier to get my sporting fix with my bum glued to a chair. I've been somewhat remiss and have singularly failed to get tickets for any Olympic event, despite living just a short tube ride away. That said, you need only walk into London to soak up the unique atmosphere. I'm not too far from Lord's (and the archery) so last week, emboldened by having just had my wisdom teeth extracted, I went down there and asked if they had any free tickets. There was a method in my madness. I'd been chatting to a nice security guard and he'd said that people had been giving away the odd ticket as they queued to get in. I guess their guests had dropped out. Unfortunately, none of these made their way to me. Probably just as well given my head had begun to swell up like a melon and, with the drugs wearing off, my mouth was throbbing. I went home to bed instead. Yet another inspiring Olympic story.

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