Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Feeling hot hot hot...

Too hot getting changed in the work's toilets. Too hot trying to force my swollen feet into my Vibrams. Too hot running home through Regent's Park. However, it was my first proper run in what feels like months, ergo it was a good one. Issues: I'm not sure my right foot fits properly in the shoe. My toes don't sit comfortably in the toe gloves and this led to a stubbing incident on Marylebone Road. Another issue, I'm landing ever so heavily, which I try to address, but this 'fleet of foot' running style is extremely tiring. Halfway home I was already turning corned beef; three-quarters of the way and I was groaning like a tennis player. But I kept going and made it home in one piece. I practised my patented 'running backwards down Hillfield Road' technique in order to stretch out my calf muscles in the opposite direction so I'm hopeful I'll be able to walk tomorrow. This is all in preparation for the Ealing half-marathon at the end of September. I'm not sure that speed will be of the essence, if I'm going barefoot then I'll just be happy to get round. Expectation management in progress. (Stats: 4.24 miles; 43 minutes; 10.08 minute/mile.)

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