Saturday, 14 July 2012

Lost in Bristol

Today's run in the Vibrams took a slightly different turn - several, in fact - when I got very lost. I'm staying at a friend's so while she was at spinning, I headed out in the rain for a 20-minute foray that took 45 minutes. A lesson in spending less time looking at your feet and more time looking where you're going. My calf muscles are now rock hard. Even a quick swim hasn't loosened them up. I'm squatting a lot to see if that helps, though I might need to stop as we're off to Clifton shopping. On the plus side, it was good to go for a decent run. Apart from the concrete calves, my feet are fine and all is well with the barefoot adventure. We're going dancing tonight. The Vibrams would be perfect. However, I'll probably stick with the ridiculously high sandals that have previously left me with second-degree burns. Would Barefoot Ted approve? Probably not. (Stats: 45 minute run (no idea of distance, possibly three-ish miles in circles around Stoke Bishop?) (Pic: Peace and quiet at Clifton Relaxation Centre. Well worth a visit.) [Corrections and clarifications: My friend has just informed me she was at body pump, not spinning.]

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