Thursday, 12 July 2012

Look out Barefoot Ted

First barefoot run: done. Just went out for a mighty six-minute jog around the block in my Vibrams. Actually, I shouldn't use the word jog. According to one of the speakers at the Primal Lifestyle Barefoot Connections conference, 'jogging' was invented by Bill Bowerman at Nike to describe what you do in trainers. 'Barefooters' walk or run (or squat, there was a lot of talk of squatting). Anyway, I'm happy to report that apart from a little soreness in my right calf and a little straining in my right instep (damn my weak right-hand side) all is well. However, six minutes was definitely plenty. I was boiling within seconds. In trainers, it's easier to have a lazy gait. When you're 'barefoot' your whole body has to get involved. As a result, you feel like your feet are skimming, rather than pounding, the pavements. I can genuinely see how, once you're acclimatized, this motion is much kinder to your body. I plan to continue this kindness with a nice bit of reflexology at Step In in Chinatown - followed by fresh dim sum at Jen Cafe on Lisle Street. Healthy body, healthy appetite etc...

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