Thursday, 5 May 2011

Proof of the pudding

It’s on. I’ve literally just registered for a 10k mid-May. I did the same one last year. It was the first ‘proper’ race I’d ever entered. Pamenos Ballantyne won. He’s an elite athlete and runs for Trinidad and Tobago, so I was just happy not to finish last. (I came 56th out of 83 and won a bottle of red in the post-run raffle.)

It should be a good warm-up for the half in June. And a good test of how far I’ve come. This time last year I was an occasional runner. Not the fighting fit running machine that I am now (?). It’ll be interesting to see the difference. If I don’t beat my previous time, earplugs will be needed to avoid the profanities emanating from north-west London.

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