Thursday, 12 May 2011

Goods in. Goods out.

Yesterday's club run was all about the preparation. I lined my stomach with a jacket potato for lunch, then had a banana an hour before. I also had a large cup of coffee. I'd hoped this might speed me up, but a 'friend' gave me the fear by pointing out the unholy consequences should this plan backfire. For once, I was glad that I rarely have runners behind me. Thankfully, it just gave me a bit of a stitch.

The run itself was okay. I can't say it was great. Neither was it awful. It helped that a friend stayed with me, so I was able to steal his energy. I find latching onto someone with a mental lasso really helps. I'm considering using a real lasso next week.

So, last night I did 6 miles in 57.13 minutes. That works out to be a 9.32 minute/mile. If I do this pace on Sunday for the 10k, then I'll come in under the hour, but it's still slower than last year. Which leads me to the conclusion that regular training has had no impact whatsoever.

However, I am not downhearted!

This pace would bring me in at around 2.03 for the half in June. So, if I can just shave a bit off, then I might get in under 2. And, as for the 10k, I'm optimistic that the thrill of race day, with literally tens of people lining the streets of north-west London (on their way to buy the Sunday papers), will further boost my speed. Positive. Thinking.

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