Friday, 13 May 2011

An average run on a beautiful morning

Dodging commuters is a very good work-out. This morning I made the mistake of running down Finchley Road at rush hour. I was bobbing and weaving all over the place. Not unlike Rocky. Perhaps I should get a chicken to chase.

Once I diverted off the main road, peace was restored. The beautifully be-flowered (and be-bushed?!) streets were lovely to run around. And the only obstacles were a series of undersized dogs in coats. At one point, I was trapped by a gang of them. I genuinely feared I'd get home to find I'd trodden in a chihuahua.

On the subject of tread, I am now wearing new trainers. Well, new in the sense I found them in the back of my cupboard. They're Brooks Adrenaline S-257. They're okay, but I could do with a slightly narrower fit. I'm thinking of trying them with thicker sports socks to see if that helps. Actually, my physio friend showed me a new way to lace trainers that adds support around the ankle. She did it on my old shoes. It works, but it does make getting in and out of them a bit of a fight. Not unlike getting in and out of a sports bra. In fact, should anyone invent a supportive garment that does not require Houdini-like skills to manoeuvre, then I will be first in the queue.

Anyway, back to the run. Quad pain has eased, though my hamstring is still a little unhappy. And running uphill, unusually, proved to be the more pleasant element of the outing. On the whole, it was good to get out and about on such a nice morning. And I was just happy that I completed the whole run when for the first 25 minutes the devil on my shoulder was telling me to head straight home for a nice cup of tea.

(Stats: 4.29 miles; 45.48 minutes; 10.36 mile/minute)

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