Monday, 9 May 2011

Goodbye old friends

My trainers have no grip. Unfortunately, I discovered this while running up a slope of shiny stones and wet leaves. It was like trying to ice-skate uphill. I'm gutted. I love my Asics Kayano's. I've had them for around 5 years, which is probably 4 years too long, but they fit like gloves and I've become sentimental about the stuff we've done together?! As I have very narrow flat feet (picture a couple of anaemic sausage rolls) I really struggle to get trainers that fit. I used to have a lovely pair of Nike Air's (from around 1998) but when I tried to replace them, I discovered the fit had changed. I hope that's not the case with the Kayano!

Slippery slopes aside, Saturday's run was great. Due to friend-visiting, I was 'on location' in Bristol. Ashton Court, to be precise. It involved lots of gentle uphills and downhills - and a trip across the Clifton Suspension Bridge. Very picturesque and extremely high. Felt like I should have been belayed-up, just in case. Since we had a lot to catch up on, as usual, it was an easy, talking pace. So, not the fastest of minute/miles, but it's all 'time on your feet'. And that, according to a speedy marathon-running friend of mine, is what counts. Let's hope so.

(Stats: 4.5 miles; 52.50 minutes; 11.44 minute/mile.)

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