Monday, 17 December 2012

The pulling out of the finger

Saturday. The sun was out. The sky was blue. And despite having consumed a little too much festive cheer the night before, I made it to the Hampstead Heath parkrun. This week it was the annual 'Santa run' in aid of the North London Hospice. A charity that gets little funding from the government, yet does amazing things.

We all made donations and in exchange received a nice red hat in which to run. In the spirit of the season, I kept it on throughout the 5k. It was very hot. Though I don't think I can lay the blame here for my continuing slowness.

On the plus side, I made myself useful and put finger to keyboard to write this week's (Event 83) race report: Event 83 - Twas the week before Christmas.

(Stats: 3.1 miles (5k); 29.06 minutes; 9.23 minute/mile)

(Pic: Post-run I went for my first winter swim on the heath. Oh my god, turns out three degrees is blooming cold when you haven't been in since September. I managed to get up to my bum.)

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