Saturday, 21 April 2012

One week on (nearly)

This week has been mainly characterized by post-marathon euphoria (Monday to Wednesday), exhaustion (Thursday and Friday) and confusion (today). Confusion as I no longer have the marathon taking up a huge amount of space in my head. Technically speaking, I should be missing all the running. However, in the last month I didn't really do that much. The clocks going forward scuppered my morning gym visits and running home from work once or twice became my training regime. Which leads me to the unexpected desire to do it all again. Only quicker. Not this weekend, obviously. But I think next year, I could easily be tempted to sign up for something farther afield. Berlin or Paris, perhaps. In the meantime, I'm thinking I need to strike while the iron's hot. Right now, 13 miles feels like a relatively short distance. I've been pondering signing up for a half-marathon to take advantage of this slightly addled state of mind. I'm even wondering if maybe, just maybe, this might be the one where I come in 'under 2 hours'. Imagine that?! Right, where did I chuck my trainers?

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