Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The Goldilocks Principle

With only 12 days to the marathon, I'm under strict instructions not to overdo it.

I'm also under strict instructions not to under do it.

My speedy marathon running friend has warned that people sometimes lose their fitness from tapering too seriously. With this in mind, I'm going to carry on pretty much as normal: a couple of short trips to the gym and a couple of hilly runs home from work.

Tonight's hilly run home from work was all the better for a torrential downpour. It meant that jogging through Soho was less of an obstacle course as all right-thinking people were staying safely under cover. As were all bored teenage boys with a proclivity for bottom fondling. Which meant, unlike two weeks ago, I was able to make it through Regent's Park with my nethers unmolested.

The rain was also useful in highlighting the problems with wearing short shorts that get sodden; problems such as chafing and riding up. Thankfully, Primrose Hill was virtually empty so I was free to forage at will. I've added a new pair of mid-length leggings to my shopping list for I fear any similar rooting around at Brighton could well result in disqualification and/or arrest.

(Stats: 6 miles; around an hour; around 10 minutes a mile.)

(Pic: Very much enjoying my Osprey Raptor at the moment. The trick is not to overfill it.)

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