Monday, 31 October 2011

There and back

After yesterday's feeble six minutes, I was prepared for a proper run today. No detours to the Co-op this time. My plan was to run as far as I could for 15 minutes, then see if I could get home in the same time (or less). I figured a bit of healthy competition (with myself) might make my runs more interesting. I'm very much in favour of competition as long as no-one else is involved. Anyway, I enthusiastically put on my running leggings and long-sleeved top and headed out. However, it soon became apparent that I had not chosen wisely. It might have looked grey and cold through the window, but in reality it was quite balmy and I was boiling. I tried to roll up the arms on my top, but it's really fitted and the sleeves wouldn't budge. I managed to get a bit of air to my right wrist, but, apart from that, I was effectively vacuum-packed from the neck down. I don't think I've ever 'perspired' so much in my life. It was a good run, though. And I particularly enjoyed the local Higham Ferrers road-sweeper running ahead of me to brush the leaves from my path. I imagine it's much the same when the Queen goes for a run.

(Stats: 3.56 miles; 32.36 minutes; 9.09 minute/mile. (Split time: 16.16 minutes, so I took 4 seconds longer to do the second half. I was held up by a sniffing dog on a long lead, so I shall blame him.))


  1. This is the funniest blog post I've read in ages. What a line 'vacuum-packed from the neck down' ! Oh, and the imagery of the Queen going for a run. Is all your blog like this ?? If so I think I'll ditch the Kindle and have a good read here !

  2. What a lovely thing to say. Thank you, Anonymous. Always nice to know someone is enjoying my ramblings.