Sunday, 30 October 2011

Six minutes is better than no minutes

This weekend, I'm staying with a friend in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. As I discovered on a previous visit, it's the perfect place to run, littered with chocolate box villages and friendly locals who all shout 'hello' whether you like it or not. Which makes my rubbish outing this morning all the more bewildering. I set off intending to run to the next village, then pop into the shop on the way home. Unfortunately, I never really 'got into it'. Which meant I 'got out of it' at the earliest opportunity. And it was a very early opportunity. At 6 minutes and 17 seconds I was running. At 6 minutes and 18 seconds I was perusing the Sunday papers in the Co-op and contemplating which one to buy. After investing in a box of Nescafe instant cappuccino sachets (I'm no stranger to sophistication!) I pootled home. It was not the most auspicious of runs but I think it was better than nothing. Just.

(Stats: 0.7 miles; 6.17 minutes; 8.58 minute/mile. (Secondary stats that include walking home with papers and shopping: 1.4 miles; 17.32 minutes; 12.31 minute/mile.))

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