Sunday, 7 February 2016

Listen to the whispers

I went to a 'Meet the experts' day at UCL yesterday. It was for those of us who are doing the London marathon for charity. The speakers were a mix of fundraisers, sports people and the marathon organisers.

As you can imagine, it was stirring stuff. However, when a lady came on to talk about 'listening to your body whisper before it screams' to stay injury free, my legs began to hurt. I think it's called the 'nocebo' effect - psychologically bringing pain upon yourself. The only course of action was to head home for a cream tea.

Today was supposed to be the 'long run' so I pootled off feeling optimistic about circling the heath, Primrose Hill and Regent's Park. However, at mile 5 my body whispered that I would be much better off on the tube and I could only agree.

I'm just not feeling it today and see no point in beating myself up. This time next week I have the Exeter half marathon. I shall save myself for then.

Stats: 5.3 miles; 54.38; 10.09 minute/mile.

Pic: Carriage for the last two miles.

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