Sunday, 19 October 2014

Getting ready for winter

When I was about six, I went to school with a boy who could dislocate his shoulder at will. Which he did, frequently. It looked revolting, but was quite impressive to my six-year-old eyes. I thought of him yesterday when I was trying to remove my new Adidas sports bra. It's a one-piece affair that involves stretching it up over your head. It's tricky enough to get on, but getting it off when you're hot after running is a near impossibility. It probably didn't help I was trying to undress in the damp changing rooms at Hampstead Heath ladies' pond. At one point, I feared I'd have to ask for help. Thankfully, after several minutes of wriggling, I was free, but so shattered I nearly couldn't swim. The 13-degree water woke me up. After the warmth of swimming in the Med on Thursday, this was more of a shock than usual. One girl said her friend had had to be rescued last week as she cramped up so badly. Maybe time to don a pre-swim layer of goose fat. Which might also help with the sports bra removal.

(Stats: Run: 3.1 miles; 29.45; 9.35 minute/mile. Swim: 10 metres; about two minutes - three, at the most.)

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