Tuesday, 17 December 2013

In its place...

It's cold. Which means every run is accompanied by a searing, spasming pain in my sinus regions. I'm not a fan of pain in any region, which means the running is currently off. In its place is a hard core upper body strength regime. And by hard core, I mean how many tricep dips and press-ups I can do before I get tired. The new regime was implemented by my coach (i.e my friend who's a physio) when I complained about resembling a flying squirrel. Every morning, I now do tricep dips and press-ups 'to fatigue'. 'To fatigue' presently means 35 tricep dips and eight (ladies) press-ups. I really hate press-ups but I can feel my stomach getting tighter so that's good. Actually, I haven't done them today as my flatmate was holed up in the gym (front room) early doors and I didn't feel this was something he'd like to witness. Especially not before breakfast. Consideration. That is the key to a harmonious household.

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