Sunday, 22 December 2013

Contender READY

If you remember the TV show Gladiators, you may recall one challenge involved 'running the gauntlet'. A timed event where the contenders had to get from A to B, while four burly individuals bearing ramrods tried to stop them. This was my run this morning. Only instead of ramrods, my nemeses were carrying Christmas trees. That's what you get for running on the pavements instead of the heath. Mind you, it was excellent fun and with all the leaping, dodging and commando-rolling, I got a great work-out. Just as well as I'm planning to run with my brother next Saturday and the gap in our fitness levels is becoming wider. Perhaps I can hamstring him with turkey. He is quite greedy.

(Stats:4.34 miles; 44 minutes; 10.08 minute/mile. Also, 41 tricep dips; 11 press-ups - yep, core strength regime is on day 14 and still going. I'm as surprised as anyone.)

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