Sunday, 11 August 2013

6 weeks today...

In spite of running only three times in the past month, I am confident of achieving a personal best at the imminent Richmond half. Call it denial (or dementia) but I think if I spend the next six weeks immersed in fitness, I can beat my previous PB - and maybe even come in under two hours. Bulls horns were grasped yesterday when I not only did the parkrun 5k, but also booked in for a power pump exercise class. I need to get very strong, very quickly and a few tricep dips while the kettle boils is no longer enough. I'd hoped a recent trip to Crete would kick start the regime, but all it kick started was an all-inclusive binge-fest. On the plus side, I am carbo-loaded up for the next year.

(Stats: 3.1 miles; 29.09; 9.24 minute/mile - which would translate into a half-marathon time of approximately 122 minutes (which would be a PB?! Perhaps I've done my sums wrong.))

(Pic: Not running in Agia Pelagia.)

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