Sunday, 19 May 2013

One week in Foca

Five. That's how many times I've been running in the past week. Unprecedented. And thanks to the hotel fitness team (and a couple of energetic fellow guests) I was much faster than usual. That's to say, I didn't stop and have a cup of tea en route.

The aim of my holiday was to revive my mojo, crushed under the weight of Domino's and hours of CSI. The sporty Hotel Phokaia proved the perfect place to do it.

Along with my 'morning jog', I windsurfed (moderately successful, stayed on the board 80% of the time), wakeboarded (also moderately successful), paddle boarded (afloat 100% of the time) and had many, many treatments at the spa (extremely successful, did not fall off the therapy bed once).

And the best bit was wandering around Foca, a lovely little Aegean fishing village where I ate a lot of calamari and practised my Turkish. The latter was surprisingly successful. There was one memorable occasion when I thought I'd asked for the bill and discovered I'd ordered an extra portion of pide (Turkish bread with various toppings). It tasted lovely so I didn't consider this a failure.

So, if you're feeling battered after the winter, I highly recommend a trip to Foca. Lovely weather (even with the storms) and very lovely people.

Pic: Fishermen playing catch with the seagulls. Apparently this happens once a week.

(Stats: boiling hot; two big storms; chased by wild dogs; trod on a sea urchin; learned to tack; failed to jibe; progressed to the rope; mojo revived.)

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