Monday, 20 May 2013

Toto, we're not in Turkey anymore

Ah... the heady aroma of cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes. Nothing like running down Finchley Road at rush hour to rid your lungs of that nasty fresh sea air.

Still, I went out this morning keen to capitalize on the post-holiday fitness. Always good to strike while the iron is, if not hot, then certainly tepid.

As it was raining, I put on my Montane lightweight jacket. Highly recommend it. Very comfortable and can be tied round your waist when you're struggling up Primrose Hill, can't breathe and think your face is going to explode. Speaking hypothetically, of course.

In an bizarre move I was later to regret, I came home and did an exercise DVD - the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout. She promises long lean limbs and sculpted small muscles. I want that. However, after an hour and a half run, I found it a small bridge too far. I only managed three sections and had to stop for a lie-down. I'm still in pain now, which means it's definitely doing some good. Long leanness here I come.

Pic: My superhealthy breakfast: sardines, tomatoes, onions and scrambled eggs on toast with spinach. And a green tea. Yep. Day 2 and holiday motivation still there.

(Stats: 8.37 miles; 1 hour 25 minutes; 10.09 minute/mile. Legs, arms and abs section of the Mat Method.)

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