Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Naked in central London

To celebrate leaving work early yesterday, I went for a swim at the Oasis Leisure Centre. It's near Covent Garden and has an outdoor pool. It's also the only area (as far as I know) in central London where you're allowed to sunbathe topless.

Not that I have. I used to work in an office overlooking the leisure centre's sun terrace. I felt my image as a professional would be somewhat undermined should my colleagues catch sight of me in just a pair of pants. Especially over lunch.

Anyway, I went there last night and had a swim in the rain. Apart from a nippy sprint out to the pool, it was great. I also managed to squeeze in a quick sauna.

Squeeze being the operative. There were already three guys crammed into a very tiny space; picture a small heated shed with a bench. On entering, I found myself loitering next to the coals while the guys rearranged themselves to fit me in. I thought about leaving, but felt that would be socially awkward. The less socially awkward option was to remain, squashed in between the sweaty men. So, a typical Tuesday, then.

(Stats: 30 mins' swimming - no idea of lengths, but not many. 10 minutes in the sauna before awkwardness and heat got the better of me.)

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