Sunday, 27 January 2013

Mr blue sky

Hoorah! The sun has finally got his hat on. An excellent excuse for a run.

As one of the first of the new year, and in the spirit of investigation, I decided to try out the 'sprint for 30 seconds, jog for four minutes technique'. Good interval training, apparently. And brilliant - if you live where people do not.

I'm not exactly Usain Bolt but I didn't feel comfortable careering at speed towards the many pedestrians on the busy London pavements. I tried running in the road, but after having to commando roll to evade a speeding Mini, a gentle pace back on the pavement was infinitely preferable.

Fortunately, part two of my exercise weekend more than compensated for the abandoned sprint training. I'm still dipping my toe into the squash world and today involved the Sunday social. Basically, you rock up and play everyone else, irrespective of experience. One of the guys I encountered had me running around like a dog chasing a stick. It was great. And by far the best interval training I've had in ages. It also more than justified the gargantuan Sunday roast I consumed this afternoon. And the chocolates. And the wine.

(Stats: 4.34 miles; 43.14 minutes; 9.57 minute/mile.)

Pic: January sunshine over Brondesbury cricket, tennis and squash club.

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