Monday, 5 March 2012

No sense, no feeling

Hamstring pulls, shin splints, stubbed toes. And now a numb left hand. A legacy of yesterday's icicle run.

It feels like I've been resting on it for too long and it's gone to sleep. Only it's been asleep for 24 hours now. I asked a medical friend if I should be worried:"'s probably just a bit of nerve damage". Well that's okay then.

To cheer myself up, sleepy hand and I went shopping at lunchtime to the new Sweatshop running store on Rathbone Place. I intended to buy some gloves (yes, that is the sound of a horse bolting) but came out with new trainers, 'Supreme Anklet' socks and insoles moulded to my 'surprisingly normally-arched' feet.

After a quick canter on their running machine, I was matched with a pair of Asics GT-2170. The very helpful assistant brought out a variety of shoes, but I found the 2170's the most comfy (as I need a narrow fitting) and least cerise. At the same time, I bonded with a fellow shopper who was also a novice marathon runner. I could tell he was a novice because he shared my demeanour - partly excited, mostly terrified.

I'm hoping that the new purchases will transform my session at the gym tomorrow. And what's reassuring is they come with a 30-day guarantee. That said, my assistant was very knowledgeable so it's unlikely I'll need it. On that note, I asked him if he'd ever experienced a numb hand from running. He thought about it and said yes, but not for that long - and I should probably see a doctor. Hmmm... not the reassurance I was hoping for. I'm going to see how it is in the morning and make a judgement call then. In the meantime, I'm typing this as quickly as I can before my ability to do so decreases by half.

(Stats: Asics GT-2170; FootBalance Dynamic moulded insoles; Supreme Mono Socks. I was given a running club discount on the latter two, but waived it on the shoes in favour of their current offer - a voucher that entitles me to another pair of trainers for £25, valid for the next three months. I best stock up now I'm a proper runner.)

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